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71% of Workers Satisfied with Employer-Sponsored Health Plans

The majority of employees are generally satisfied with their medical benefits through employer-sponsored health plans but want improvements in costs and overall plan value.

71 percent of workers satisfied with employer sponsored coverage

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By Thomas Beaton

- Over 70 percent of employees are generally satisfied with their employer-sponsored health plans, but are concerned with rising health plan costs, an AHIP study found.

Employer sponsored health plans have provided fair premium and deductible financing amounts for employees, according to the survey.

Fifty-two percent of employees said their individual deductible amount was reasonable, while the same number said their premiums were set at reasonable rates. Employees in larger companies with 100 or more workers found their premium and deductible amounts slightly more acceptable than employees in smaller firms.

Seventy-five percent of employees said they feel employer health plans will protect them for the majority of medical costs. Only 13 percent of Americans believe that enrolling in an employee health plan would be a downgrade in coverage from another health plan.

The major drivers of employee satisfaction with health plans include comprehensive coverage, health plan affordability, provider choice, plan consistency with benefits/providers, and free preventive care.

Employees believe health plans could make improvements with lowering insurance costs and increasing benefits education.

Seventy-nine percent of employees said they expect their costs to increase within the next two years and 82 percent of employees believe they are paying more each year for lower health plan value.

Seventy-two percent of employees feel that they are informed about their health benefits. However, 96 percent of employees want a more complete understanding of their health benefits.

Many employees feel that their companies should work alongside payers to enhance overall coverage.

Respondents said they would like if their employers and insurance providers worked together to improve physical health (83 percent) and lower health plan costs (87 percent).

Sixty-three percent of respondents view free benefits such as wellness programming, health savings accounts, on-site clinics, and health risk assessments as personally valuable. Fifty-percent of employees also would be interested in chronic condition wellness incentives that lower premium amounts by 10 to 15 percent.

Employer-sponsored health plans could provide even more value to families and individuals if they are able to address cost concerns and implement value-added benefits.

David Cordani, President and CEO of Cigna said that the employer-sponsored insurance is primed to catalyze healthcare innovation within the entire industry.

“Employer-provided insurance is the cornerstone of the United States healthcare system, covering over 150 million Americans and spurring innovation that helps improve the overall healthcare marketplace,” Cordani said.

“Employer-provided coverage helps employers create localized communities of health to help their employees stay healthy and productive, while pursuing targeted innovation that works for their unique needs.”


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