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3 Ways to Enhance Workflows for Nurses with an Enterprise Healthcare Communications Platform

As the nursing profession continues to evolve rapidly and nurses take on more duties, adapt to changing technologies, and continuously confront the growing complexities of their roles, nurses are “changing our very notion of modern medicine... Download white paper

6 Ways to Bolster the Benefits of Your EHR by Improving Communications in Your Hospital

Electronic health records (EHRs) have proliferated across the U.S. over the past decade, and have enabled caregivers to make well-informed treatment decisions more quickly and more safely by providing more complete patient information. While... Download white paper

Winning at Risk Adjustment: 5 Steps for Health Plan Executives to Boost Coding Accuracy & Efficiency

This white paper outlines the risk adjustment challenges health plans face and how technology-enabled data analytics can help plans tackle the problem and master risk adjustment through five proven steps  for improved coding efficiency,... Download white paper

Succeeding in Healthcare Risk Adjustment

The degree to which providers effectively leverage all available patient data in concert with proven data analytics applications will make all the difference between success and failure. Together with strategic changes in practice processes and... Download white paper

Podcast: Improving Efficiencies in Healthcare Using BI

Speakers: Brian Tait – CTO, ReMy Health Brian Bontrager – Systems Architect, Advocate Radiology Michal Wachstock – Head of Engagement, Sisense The use of analytics in healthcare allows organizations to identify areas in which... Download white paper

Cambridge Health Alliance: Improving Patient Safety and Physician Satisfaction with EPCS

View this webinar to hear Cambridge Health Alliance's Arthur Ream III, CISO and Director of IT Applications, discuss the strategies used to integrate a fully DEA compliant solution for electronic prescribing of controlled substances directly... View webcast

Understanding MACRA: Everything you need to know about MIPS and positive payment adjustments

The year of MIPS performance measurement is here.  Of the reporting track options, the MIPS Eligible Clinician category will apply to most practicing clinicians and providers. Very few clinicians are exempt and must report at least 90 consecutive... Download white paper

Patient Payment System Quiz

Today’s modern patient payment systems should make it easier for you to collect more, and faster. Does your system do that while keeping pace with HDHP trends? Take our quiz to: Identify potential improvements in your patient payment system... Download white paper

5 Strategies for Improving Medical Record Integrity and Patient Identification

In today’s transforming digital world, developing a strategy for maintaining patient record integrity and ensuring positive patient identification can be difficult. Patient misidentification can result in severe consequences for hospital... View webcast

The Vendor Risk Management Solution Checklist

As enterprises continue to outsource more aspects of their operations to third parties, they expose themselves to more shared risk. It can be a staggering responsibility. Most organizations understand the need to automate vendor risk management... Download white paper

4 Critical Elements of a Successful GRC Implementation

Today’s business climate is one of unprecedented regulatory growth, data complexity and cybersecurity concerns. There is a corresponding increase in media attention, customer awareness and Board-level scrutiny. Organizations must demonstrate... Download white paper

Healthcare Company Gains Control Over Security Incidents

A good risk assessment must include people, policies, procedures, controls and technologies. Despite being one of the most heavily regulated industries, Healthcare companies still struggle to assess their risk at more than a surface level. Download... Download white paper

7 Ways to Improve Your Security Incident Response

When it comes to your incident response program, the scope of what you need to protect has expanded significantly – more users, more endpoints, more everything. At the same time, because information is borderless, risk is now shared across... Download white paper

Tackling Complex Data Challenges in Healthcare Analytics

Data and analytics can be a powerful tool to improve care, increase patient satisfaction and drive operational efficiency. However, adopting data-driven business and medical processes into the daily workflow of medical and administrative staff... Download white paper

Ultimate Guide to Comparing Embedded Analytics Solutions

Many organizations today are taking an embedded approach to analytics and delivering insights into their everyday workflow through embedded analytics and business intelligence. However, finding a meaningful way to manage this data and capitalize... Download white paper

Business Analytics and the Data Complexity Matrix

What exactly makes data complex? In the context of business analytics, there are two key drivers of data complexity:     The size of the data (is it millions of rows, 100’s of millions, or billion+)?   The number of disparate... Download white paper

10 Best Practices for Discovering the Best Mobile and IoT Devices for Healthcare

Mobile devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are a growing part of the IT resources healthcare depends on. The integration of mobile devices into a healthcare organization’s workflows and supporting infrastructure presents great opportunities... Download white paper

11 Best Practices for Healthcare Data Center Discovery

The data center is at the heart of most healthcare organizations, supporting an environment in which myriad disciplines and practitioners are brought together to save lives and improve care quality. As IT plays a greater role in healthcare delivery,... Download white paper

Value-Based Care Summit June 2017 Archive

The Summer 2017 Value-Based Care Summit featured speakers from leading provider groups, hospitals and payers discussing strategies to prepare for the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. Sessions included visionary keynotes from... Download white paper

Secure Information Exchange: Benefits of Automation

This white paper examines the document delivery challenge and presents automated, secure document delivery and fax as a powerful solution for speeding business-to-business electronic communication while reducing costs. It also describes what... Download white paper

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