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Employers Seek Clarity, Stability in Health Insurance Market

May 19, 2017 - The nation’s largest employers are taking a second look at what type of health insurance they buy, and why.  The American Health Policy Institute (AHPI) surveyed over 400 large companies and found issues of transparency, tax credits and competition among payers topped the list of concerns. The survey revealed three outstanding concerns of large employers: a desire for transparency...

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Vermont Blue Cross Plan Reaches Highest Member Satisfaction

by Vera Gruessner

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT) announced in a company press release this month that the payer has achieved the highest scores for member satisfaction and efficiency rankings for the fourth continuous year. This particular Blue...

4 Ways Payers Could Improve Healthcare Price Transparency

by Vera Gruessner

Healthcare price transparency remains a key issue for health payers across the country. In order to strengthen member retention efforts especially during open enrollment periods, payers will need to boost price transparency to improve consumer...

How Health Payers Could Help Reduce High Out-of-Pocket Costs

by Vera Gruessner

A major problem still impacting consumers within the health insurance market is the potential for seeing high out-of-pocket costs. Many individuals are still underinsured despite the significant decrease in the uninsured rate around the country...

Rise in High-Deductible Health Plans Requires Cost Transparency

by Vera Gruessner

High-deductible health plans are becoming more and more common across the health insurance industry. With the many changes that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has brought, payers are attempting to control costs by offering more high-deductible...

How Payers Could Use Price Transparency to Boost Satisfaction

by Vera Gruessner

In order to reduce ever rising healthcare costs, health insurance companies will need to improve price transparency among their health plans as well as within their provider networks. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released a report showing...

High-Deductible Health Plan Consumers Seek Price Transparency

by Vera Gruessner

Families and individuals who have purchased healthcare coverage on the ACA health insurance exchanges may have seen that monthly premium rates are expected to rise 25 percent in 2017, but should be aware that those eligible for tax subsidies...

Healthcare Payers Struggle with Price Transparency, Technology

by Vera Gruessner

Health insurance companies are still struggling with improving price transparency in order to gain greater trust from their consumer base. One survey has shown low customer service satisfaction and a need for payers to inform consumers on their...

Payers Slow to Adopt Value-Based Care Payment Arrangements

by Vera Gruessner

A new survey from the healthcare alliance Premier found that healthcare payers are not transitioning to value-based care payment arrangements as quickly as medical providers would like, according to a company press release. With the Centers for...

Health Insurance Marketplaces Call for Plan Standardization

by Vera Gruessner

Healthcare payers are being instructed to offer standardized plan and benefit designs as the  federally facilitated health insurance marketplace is working to improve consumers’ ability to compare varying health plans during the next...

Consumer Satisfaction Dips When Payers Lack Price Transparency

by Vera Gruessner

Eighty-eight percent of consumers are looking for their health payer to relay complete information about their overall financial responsibility, according to a new survey by HealthEdge, indicating a strong desire for price transparency and openness....

Why Payers Should Consider Consumer Needs in Value-Based Care

by Vera Gruessner

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) released a new report called Health Care 2020: Consumerism showing that the health insurance industry has two new trends affecting it: a greater push toward patient cost sharing and outcomes-based...

Lack of Price Transparency Leading Employers to Self-Insure

by Vera Gruessner

Some employers are finding it difficult to keep contracting with their health payers due to continually increasing monthly premium costs and a general lack of price transparency across the health insurance industry. As such, the notion of a company...

Price Transparency Key Issue Among Health Payers and Employers

by Vera Gruessner

The movement toward price transparency is gaining strength as healthcare reform continues to stress consumer and patient satisfaction. Employers have been seeking ways to improve price transparency for their employees when working with partnering...

Successful Accountable Care Organizations Use 3 Key Strategies

by Vera Gruessner

Health payers and providers who are seeking to form accountable care organizations will need to follow key steps in order to avoid the issues associated with these payment models and truly succeed in an accountable care environment. Below we...

3 Key Strategies for a Successful Payer-Provider Relationship

by Vera Gruessner

What are the key ingredients that health insurance companies need to integrate in order to have a successful payer-provider relationship? There are a number of steps that payers and providers will need to follow in order to improve their working...

Affordability, Cost Transparency Key for Patient Satisfaction

by Vera Gruessner

The biggest healthcare reforms impacting health payers today include the movement toward consumer engagement and patient satisfaction. Patient advocacy groups are bringing more attention toward keeping the patient voice at the center of healthcare...

Communication, Cost Transparency Impact Patient Engagement

by Vera Gruessner

Patient engagement is becoming a more and more relevant term in today’s changing healthcare landscape. With more consumers than ever before becoming responsible for their healthcare costs via high-deductible health plans and out-of-pocket...


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