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AHA Makes Suggestions for In-State Insurance Market Stabilization

January 19, 2018 - In order to stabilize in-state insurance markets, stakeholders should consider strategies including reinsurance, Medicaid-sponsored health plans, and high-risk pools, according to the AHA. Several factors are contributing to unstable state insurance markets, including demographic characteristics, limited payer competition, a lack of Medicaid expansion, continued use of transitional health...

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AHIP, AMA, AHA to Congress: Fund Cost Sharing Reductions to 2019

by Thomas Beaton

AHIP, AMA, and AHA and four other healthcare organizations urged Congress to continue funding cost sharing reductions (CSRs) through 2019, warning of continued instability in the health insurance marketplace and higher premiums if the CSRs were...

Payers, Providers Highlight the Pros of Cost-Sharing Reductions

by Thomas Beaton

A joint group of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and provider organizations came together to promote the benefits of cost-sharing reductions (CSRs) on consumer and payer healthcare costs, the group announced in a joint statement....

AHA to CMS: Continue Funding ACA Cost-Sharing Reductions

by Thomas Beaton

CMS should continue to fund the cost-sharing reductions (CSRs) that keep the Affordable Care Act insurance marketplaces relatively stable, the American Hospital Association (AHA) said in a comment letter. AHA asserts that should the government...

AHA Condemns CMS Rule for Medicaid Third-Party DSH Payments

by Thomas Beaton

The American Hospital Association expressed “deep disappointment” about a CMS final rule that will only include uncompensated care costs for covered Medicaid services in the calculation of hospital-specific DSH limits.   The...

Healthcare Leaders Air Concerns about NQF SDS Trial Period

by Thomas Beaton

A group of healthcare organizations wrote a letter to the National Quality Forum (NQF) calling for a one-year extension of the Sociodemographic (SDS) Trial Period that evaluates how social factors impact a hospital's or provider’s ability...

Bill Would Make Health Insurance Liable for Antitrust Laws

by Thomas Beaton

Proposed legislation supported by the American Hospital Association passed the House Judiciary Committee earlier that if approved by Congress make health insurance companies liable for anti-competitive business practices. The Competitive Health...


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