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Employer Insurance Enrollment, Member Engagement Stagnated in 2016

October 10, 2017 - Growth in employer-sponsored insurance enrollment and certain measures of member engagement did not significantly increase in 2015 and 2016, according to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS) released by AHRQ. There was no significant change in the overall percentage of employees working at establishments that offer insurance between 2015 (83.8 percent) and 2016 (84.3 percent), the data...

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Healthcare Payers See Promise in Private Exchange Successes

by Jesse Migneault

Private exchanges have grown in significance as a means for payers to get their products before employers, and their growth has resulted in increasing the number of health plan options for employees and beneficiaries. Additionally, the expanded...

Employees Like Wellness Programs, But Don’t Use Them Much

by Jesse Migneault

As employers and payers move towards a more engaged preventive health environment, the use of workplace wellness programs have increased across the nation, according to results from a UnitedHealthcare Consumer Sentiment Survey. Today, nearly...

Employers See Consumer Directed Healthcare as the Future

by Jesse Migneault

With the continuing rise in healthcare costs, employers are looking to alternatives such as CDH plans to cut premium costs and increase employee's’ financial responsibility for their healthcare spending.  CDHs are an employer health...

Employer Health Plans See Spike In Out-of-Pocket Costs

by Jesse Migneault

The National Center for Health Statistics study found a double-digit increase in the use of high-deductible employer health plans has generated increased economic strain for members. Beneficiaries reported struggling to pay medical bills or delaying...

Employers Seek Clarity, Stability in Health Insurance Market

by Jesse Migneault

The nation’s largest employers are taking a second look at what type of health insurance they buy, and why.  The American Health Policy Institute (AHPI) surveyed over 400 large companies and found issues of transparency, tax credits...

Aetna to Offer New HMO Option for Delaware State Employees

by Jesse Migneault

Health insurer Aetna was recently awarded a three-year contract as a provider of Delaware’s health plan offerings for its employees and pensioners.  Aetna has chosen a coordinated care approach partnering with local innovators to move...

Data Analytics Key for Strengthening Employer-Payer Relationship

by Vera Gruessner

Health insurance companies, employers, and the workforce take a number of different steps to ensure that the best decisions are made in terms of health plan policies and covered benefits. For a variety of reasons, some businesses choose employer-sponsored...

Consumer-Driven Health Plans Reduce Medical Care Utilization

by Vera Gruessner

The Health Care Cost Institute released new findings that show consumer-driven health plans are leading individuals to utilize less medical care as well as spending more on out-of-pocket costs. Among consumer-driven health plans, enrollees spend...

Lack of Price Transparency Leading Employers to Self-Insure

by Vera Gruessner

Some employers are finding it difficult to keep contracting with their health payers due to continually increasing monthly premium costs and a general lack of price transparency across the health insurance industry. As such, the notion of a company...

Presidential Election Shakes Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

by Vera Gruessner

Healthcare policy of US presidential candidates depends on more than their perspective on the Affordable Care Act. With employer-sponsored health insurance still a major aspect of coverage among Americans since fewer are insured through Medicaid...

Health Plan Solutions: Do Employers Choose Private Exchanges?

by Vera Gruessner

Today employers are searching for multiple solutions to meet their health plan needs in order to reduce costs and provide the optimal benefits to their employees. The multitude of healthcare regulations hitting the market today is making quite...


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