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Payer Strategies for Boosting Consumer Engagement, Satisfaction

October 19, 2017 - In an increasingly competitive health insurance environment, payers that can successfully increase consumer engagement and beneficiary satisfaction will be best positioned for success. David Biel, the US Leader for Health Plans consulting at Deloitte believes that consumer engagement will be a determining factor in the success of health plans in the near future. “A health plan is going...

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Top Commercial Payers Offering Medigap, MA, and Medicaid Plans

by Thomas Beaton

The top payers with the highest enrollment numbers for Medigap, Medicaid, and Medicare Advantage (MA) are a unique mix of some of the largest commercial payers as well as smaller to mid-size insurers, a new report from AHIP reveals. These three...

How to Create Balanced Risk Pools that Lower Premiums

by Thomas Beaton

Payers have been increasingly challenged to manage the high cost of healthcare while lowering the premiums their beneficiaries pay.  Creating balanced risk pools that benefit medically complex individuals while also serving healthier consumers...

Beneficiary Segmentation, Spending by Healthcare Payer Type

by Thomas Beaton

Healthcare spending in the US continues to grow steadily across all beneficiary segments and healthcare payers. 2015 data from CMS, the CDC, and the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) indicates that payers and individuals sponsoring their own healthcare...

Payer Pricing, Partnership Strategies for Population Health

by Thomas Beaton

Effective population health management and comprehensive preventive care open the door to new opportunities that maximize payer spending, raise care quality, and slow the progression of costly chronic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular...

Top 10 Healthcare Spending Categories in the United States

by Thomas Beaton

The upward trajectory of US healthcare spending doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, leaving payers, providers, and beneficiaries wondering how to control costs while maintaining a high level of quality. Value-based contracting...

How Pharmacy Benefit Managers Lower Prescription Drug Prices

by Thomas Beaton

Payers in both the private and public sectors require new strategies that offset the rising cost of prescription drugs. Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are professionals that administer prescription drug plans for payers, employers, and CMS...

How Preventive Healthcare Services Reduce Spending for Payers

by Thomas Beaton

Reducing healthcare spending is a multi-faceted challenge for payers that requires creative and innovative strategies like offering a wide range of preventive healthcare services in health plans. Payers that encourage beneficiaries to take advantage...

How Can Health Savings Accounts Help, Hinder Patients and Payers?

by Thomas Beaton

Health savings accounts (HSAs) have been widely discussed as lawmakers consider policy reforms, at the federal level, and have become a fixture in conversations about healthcare spending among payers and patients alike.   HSAs are consumer...

What to Look for in Health Insurance Enrollment Technology

by Thomas Beaton

Health insurance enrollment technology is designed to offer payers convenience, cost savings, and administrative ease-of-mind when it comes managing beneficiaries enrolled in health plans. Many Americans face challenges when seeking new health...


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